The final investment is determined by many factors such as the size of the tiers, flavour, complexity of design, size and quantity of sugar/ wafer paper flowers etc. However, as a guide we have a starting price for the common sizes. This is intended as a guide only. I will be more than happy to guide you with a design if you have a set budget in mind.


Please note, I like to use different height tiers to give my cakes some visual interest so the portions sizes will vary. For example, there are 4 different 3 tier cake variations which will results in 4 different number of servings.


Our cakes typically have a depth of approximately 4 inches. Wedding portion sizes are generally around 1 inch by 1 inch, while dessert portions are approximately 1 inch by 2 inches. While we offer these estimations and will offer guidance to the venue, please understand that we cannot control how the venue chooses to cut the cake.



There is a minimum spend of £500 for cakes

No of Tiers    No of portions 1″x1″      No of portion size 1″ x 2″    Price starting from
258+42+£500 +
367 +50 +£630 +
488 +64 +£890 +

Faux cakes can be used for structures with more than four tiers. We can discuss options during our consultation.


cupcakes and cake pops

Cupcakes with a simple swirl start from £33 for a dozen standard size and £42 for two dozen mini size of the same flavour. Any additional customisation and logos will be an additional cost.


Cake pops in vanilla or chocolate sponge dipped in milk or white chocolate start from £60 for two dozen in the flavour. Custom cake pops start from £66 for two dozen in the same flavour.

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